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Live Workshop Love

I attended one of Sabrina's Style Workshops on 'Transitioning your wardrobe to A/W' via Zoom. It was an evening well spent, was really good value for money and I'm glad I signed up for it.


Sabrina's session was jam-packed with useful information and advice on how to edit your wardrobe, tips on layering and A/W wardrobe must-haves. And - amazingly - it didn't involve dropping loads of £££ on new clothes as Sabrina really focused on how to make the most of items you already have in your wardrobe.


I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the tips and techniques. Thanks Sabrina!

Kiran V

Your presentation (Dressing for Body Confidence) was wonderful; you made me feel very welcome and comfortable.


Additionally, the workbook touched on things other stylists I've seen on Facebook do not address.


I also felt that you were sharing your knowledge to really improve our lives and not just to make the sale. That is so important!

Thank you!

Gladys Castellon

Absolutely loved the workshop of Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe to Autumn/Winter. I never thought that this could be possible without thinking big jumpers, skinny jeans and long boots!

Sabrina showed how easy it is to use a lot of your Summer wardrobe with a few additions to make an outfit warm, snug, colourful and at no cost at all, just using the things you already have. I didn't realise how much bags and accessories can change an outfit.

Brilliant ideas of must haves. Gone are my thoughts of 'needing a whole new wardrobe' instead I'd rather buy a few classics.

Thank you so much Sabrina! Loved you modelling the looks too as it showed how easy it is!

Jaz Matharu