Personal Shopping


For Existing Clients Only.

A pre-planned shopping trip entirely based on your needs. We'll begin with a quick catch-up over coffee to outline the day and then, with your aims, shopping list and a pre-planned route in mind, we'll hit the shops using my expert knowledge to find the perfect pieces for you.

What's included in the experience:

  • Initial Consultation via videocall.

  • Quick Coffee Catch-Up.

  • Pre-planned route around Birmingham City Centre.

  • Dressing room service*.

  • Advice on which shops, trends and pieces work best for your body shape, style personality and lifestyle.


  • Ability to identify exactly which styles of clothing, shoes and accessories suit different parts of your body and personality.

  • Having items hand-picked and brought to you in the fitting room.

  • Knowledge of how to style chosen items effectively.

  • Improvements to your self-confidence and self-image.

  • Knowledge of how to shop effectively inc. the sales.

  • Knowledge of brands that are ideal for your body shape, style personality and budget.

  • No more feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or embarrassed in the shops.

Clothing Store

£250                    £300

Half Day               Full Day

4 hours                 6 hours

Birmingham City Centre & Bullring Only.

Personal Shopping Love

My Personal Shopping trip took place after a Wardrobe Edit session. Sabrina had identified the gaps in my wardrobe and what I needed to make the most out of the clothes that I already had.


When we got to the shops, Sabrina had already picked out items that she wanted me to try on beforehand which meant that I didn't have to wander around or wait.

We didn't manage to get everything on the list but Sabrina sourced these items for me afterwards online which was a lovely gesture. What I loved was that she didn't convince me to buy anything just for the sake of it.

Baljit Kaur

Personal Shopping with Sabrina was so much fun! It was like a day out with a best girlfriend except she was an expert in style so all of her opinions and advice were professional.

She helped me find a dress for my father-in-law's birthday party which was modest but still stylish. Everyone complimented me on it at the party.

Can't recommend her enough!

Nampreet Gill

I'm not really into fashion but my husband and kids encouraged me to go shopping with Sabrina.

She was so kind and sweet, she explained which types of trousers and tops would suit me. Whenever I wasn't comfortable with something she took it away straight away so that I didn't feel pressured.

She listened to me and what I wanted and I came away with 2 beautiful holiday outfits that my whole family complimented. I'm so grateful, thank you.

Tally Kang