30 Before 30 Challenge

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Welcome back guys and Happy New Year!

I hope you are well, have had a restful break and are excited to get going again in 2021!

I'm sorry that this blog post is a little late. Although I did get a few days to rest and celebrate, I had quite a busy period over Christmas with Style Sessions, Wardrobe Edits and Online Shopping Sessions. The festive period also brought with it a new year for me as I also turned 29!

A whole decade since I was last a teenager and now the last year of my twenties!

I know that this doesn't actually mean anything at all, I truly believe that age is just a number, it doesn't define me and it won't stop me from doing anything in the future BUT I still feel really weird about it.

I struggle to explain what the feeling is. It's kind of bitter sweet. I feel really attached to the number twenty but I'm really excited to be a 'proper adult' as a thirty year old.

So in homage to the departure of my twenties and the arrival of my thirties, I've decided to make a list of 30 things that I would like to finally get done before my 30th Birthday.

If I'm honest it's no different to New Year's resolutions, but for me it feels somewhat symbolic. I'm the type of person who will 'do it tomorrow' because my head is always buried in the everyday, so giving myself this deadline is a way to force myself to finally do all of the things I haven't got round to doing in my twenties so far. So, in no particular order...

Sabrina's 30 Before 30 Challenge Tasks:

1) Give Blood

2) Learn how to make roti for Sunday morning Parathe - COMPLETED APRIL - I asked my 13 year old cousin to come over and teach me. They were delish!

3) Go skydiving

4) Get another tattoo - It's Booked in!

5) Stop biting my nails - a horrible habit I've had since childhood! - IN PROGRESS - Hypnotherapy with Jas helped massively with this but it does still happen when I don't keep on top of my stress.

6) Make exercise part of weekly life - I've been sedentary since Year 11 P.E. so daily would be too much of a push. - IN PROGRESS - I had some help from the lovely Sharon and although I don't keep on top of it all the time, it's definitely no longer a chore.

7) Learn how to play the violin

8) Do a Pub Crawl - I feel like it would hit differently as an adult compared to the last time I did it as a student

9) Go on a Staycation alone

10) Watch the sunset over Birmingham - OK, stop laughing, I know it's not exactly scenic but it's home

11) Host my first fashion event

12) Zorbing

13) Create an anniversary album

14) Try acupuncture

15) Climb a tree again

16) No buying clothes or accessories for 30 days - Completed (by accident) 26/01/21 - It just occurred to me, as I was revising this list, that I haven't bought any item of clothing or accessory since before Christmas! Maybe Lockdown does have its benefits!

17) Get the drive done - #adulting

18) Get the curtains sorted for the whole house - #adulting - IN PROGRESS - just need to actually put them up!

19) Be an audience member of Loose Women - my abso fave daytime programme

20) Send flowers to my Mum for no reason

21) Do a Murder Mystery Evening

22) Get a pet

23) Have a bath (as opposed to a shower FYI)

24) Find my signature scent - Completed 25/12/20 - My parents bought me 'Armani Sí' for my birthday and IT IS DELICIOUS! Definitely a lifelong scent!

25) Launch a product - Completed 16/01/21 - 'I am Organised' Digital Style Workshop! I can't actually believe I have a product for sale which I created myself! Who even am I?!

26) Get an intolerance test done - COMPLETED JAN - I ordered a testing kit from Supply Life and it's changed my life!

27) Organise photos on my phone - this one scares me.

28) Hot Air Balloon Ride

29) PRIVATE - I can't disclose this one but I am 100% sure it's going to be hilarious.

30) PRIVATE - I also can't disclose this one but I've been wanting to do this for years and years! - COMPLETED SEPT

I'm going to make this a live document and update my progress throughout the year, just for shits and giggles.

Have you already tried any of these? What were your experiences? Have any of you done the #30before30 challenge? Were you successful? I'd love to know in the comments!

Sabrina xxx

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