5 Ways To Be More Sustainable With Your Wardrobe

In honour of #secondhandseptember and #recycleweek2020 this month's blog/vlog entry is centered around the all important issue of sustainable fashion. It is a real issue and something that as consumers, we need to start being more mindful of if we want to protect our environment and the beautiful people who make our clothes. It doesn't need to be expensive or unfashionable either...

Booking a Personal Stylist can be incredibly useful in setting you up to shop and dress more sustainably. A Wardrobe Edit weeds out any items that don't work for you, leaving you with a wardrobe full purely of clothes that fit and work well on you and with each other, I also recommend ways of disposing of your clothes sustainably. A Style Session or Personal Shopping Session teaches you which shapes, cuts and fabrics work best on you which will in turn, limit what you buy in the future.

To book your session and start living sustainably but also super stylishly, contact me at

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