Birthday Haul

In a bid to save money, be more environmentally friendly* and avoid creating a whole new wardrobe to accommodate my Christmas belly, so far this year, I have refrained from buying clothes as regularly as usual. So I thought I would use this blog post to show you the beauties that were gifted to me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and to remind myself of all of the treasure that I have hidden away for the next time that I do anything remotely exciting, other than work.

*(thank you @thestylecount for making me aware of Stacey Dooley's BBC documentary - if you haven't already, it's a must-see)

1. Pyjama Set - Primark

I'm starting off with the clothing that I will inevitably be making the most use out of, a pyjama set bought for me by my beautiful parents. For my birthday, I always ask my parents to buy me those things that I need but hate spending money on such as, pyjamas, socks, slippers, dressing gowns even underwear. The stuff that I wear every single day but don't find exciting enough to spend my own money on. Therefore, my mum bought me this pyjama set from Primark. It is perfect for winter because it is thick, fleecy and warm but what I loved about it most was that it came with an eye mask (that I'll probably never use) and fluffy socks - a brilliant gift idea for this time of year. Also, I think it was only £12 which is a massive bargain. I'm unsure whether they still have them in stock but I suppose it's worth keeping your eyes peeled for next year. The only con I would point out is that the fluff goes everywhere at first, especially off the socks, but after a couple of washes it's fine.

2. Red Corduroy Mini-Dress - Zara

Another gift from my parents was this red corduroy mini dress that I had been inspired to ask for by @wearsrosie who styled it so effortlessly. It looks, feel and fits beautifully. It hugs the body in all the right places and the colour is flattering for any skin tone, something which always concerns me when I wear anything that isn't black. Another thing that made me fall in love with this dress were the buttons - I'm quite funny about things like buttons and zips on clothes because I find that they can make or break an item. Finally, it's cord! Cord is life for me at the moment! It's thickness keeps you warm and it's texture instantly makes it look more exciting and expensive. I must, however, admit that my husband fell in love with cord this time last year and I told him it was ugly - we all make mistakes. The only con with this dress is that at the moment it is a bit snug - but I think that's my fault. I'm wearing a size medium. Unfortunately, this dress is no longer in stock.

3. Khaki Shirt - Zara

This oversized khaki shirt in fine corduroy was bought for me by my sister-in-law and her family. It was actually something that I had tried on a few weeks prior to my birthday but decided against buying because they didn't have my size, so I was very happy when I opened it up. Oversized anything is my best friend. It is more comfortable, especially at the time of the month, and hides a multitude of sins (including an unfastened pair of jeans after a big meal - I know I'm not the only one). Oversized shirts are also good because they can be worn as light jackets both in the Winter, under a coat, and in the Summer over a vest. The only con with this shirt is that the colour looks completely different in different lighting, as you can see below in the pictures. I'm wearing a size medium. Unfortunately, this shirt is no longer in stock.

4. Black Tee - Miss Selfridge

This beauty has to be one of my faves. I have worn this so many times since opening it on my birthday, probably because it's my favourite colour and I love t-shirts (my husband knows me so well). But what makes this t-shirt better than all of my other slightly oversized black t-shirts is that it has a really cute, small slogan that I can actually get behind! It also has a tie-knot at the bottom which doesn't pull it in but gives it a bit more of a feminine shape. There are no cons at all. It is perfect. Which is why it is also sold out.

5. Borg Sweatshirt - Topshop

Another cool item bought for me by my husband, this cream borg sweatshirt with another really cute, small slogan that I can actually get behind! The sweatshirt is oversized and can be purchased as part of a co-ord and/or in a sky blue colour. It is super warm and casual, perfect for this weather. I've worn it twice, once with black jeans and trainers and another time with a mini skirt and statement earrings so it is versatile. This jumper is still in stock and is in the sale - follow the link.

6. Blush Suede Trainers - Asos

I was extremely surprised to open these on my birthday because it's not something I would normally buy for myself. I would normally see these on another girl and think they were amazing but never have the confidence to be able to wear them myself. So I was happy to know that my husband thought I was cool enough to rock them. I'm honestly not a shoe person, in fact I don't really even like wearing shoes - I get my toes out at any opportunity (disgusting thought, I know). So I don't have a massive range because it's not something I would normally buy for myself, I just think if I have a black and nude version of different types of shoes, I'll be fine. Anyway, enough of my relationship with shoes, more about these actual shoes. I haven't actually worn them yet so I can't comment on the comfort but they are wide fit to get my chubby feet in (TMI again?). They look gorgeous on, they're super cute and sporty yet girly at the same time. They are still available and are an extremely good price.

7. Blue Cord Utility Jumpsuit

I asked for this one, and my husband somehow made me believe that he hadn't bought it for me AND managed to prevent me from buying it myself #hesawizardharry. It is gorgeous. Like seriously gorgeous. I am in love with utility jumpsuits, I can't quite explain what I mean, but there is something really powerful about the way they look on women. I love the way that the belt cinches the waist and gives what could be a masculine look, that feminine touch. I also love how they cover you up completely, nothing on show at all, handy for British weather but also there's something really powerful about it. Anyway, it's just super gorgeous and it's still available online, but it is on the slightly pricier side at £65.

Thank you to my generous family, who know me so well, for all of my gifts - including the ones that haven't been mentioned here. And thank you to you for reading, I hope you enjoyed having a peak through my birthday gifts. If you have any questions about any of the items above or any feedback on what you liked about the post or what you would change/add, please get in touch. You can either comment below, message me through my contact page or DM me on Instagram. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more style inspo and to subscribe here for more blog posts.

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