How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

The days are finally longer and the sun has stopped being shy. We are well and truly into Spring and I, for one, am here for it! There's just one problem...the weird, inbetweeny transition period. As sunny as it may be, temperatures are still low so, how do we dress in a way that embraces the new season without freezing our t*ts off?

Below I have compiled my top 5 tips of how to successfully transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring along with some of my favourite transitional outfits to help you through this funny stage.

1. Swap your winter coat for a lighter jacket.

It's time to pack away those thick, cosy coats and whip out those lighter jackets. I know it can be hard but I promise, winter will be back again before we know it! The best outerwear for this transitional period are things like denim or faux leather jackets, blazers and trench coats. They look light enough for the brighter days but add enough of a layer to prevent the cold creeping in.

2. Layering is key.

As well as your jackets, you can pull out your lighter tees and sleeveless dresses. It might sound premature but if you simply layer them appropriately, you can get even more wear out of them #sustainablefashion. Add a cardigan, light jacket or jumper over the top or add a long-sleeved top or thin knitwear underneath. My personal fave is a light knit jumper over a midi dress.

3. Wear your boots and trainers with your Spring skirts and dresses.

This is another Winter-Spring look I absolutely love! Keep the outfit geared towards the new season with a light skirt or dress, and then add the practical element to suit the temperature with a cute ankle boot or some chunky trainers.

4. Swap your dark denim for light denim.

When we think Spring, we automatically think pastel shades, lighter hues and florals, so swap those trusty black jeans for the blue version or that dark coloured coat for a light denim wash jacket and see your outfit transform from Winter Warmer to Spring Chic.

5. Introduce lighter tones through accessories.

If you're not too confident with wearing Spring tones but want to lighten your outfit, a super easy way to do it is through accessories. It might be a cool crossbody bag, some earrings or some cute hair accessories, either way, be sure to check out Delilah's Dressing Room's new Clueless Collection. These bags are stylish, functional and just perfect for the new season!

Some of my favourite transeasonal looks...

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