My Birthday Suit(s)

Just kidding! Ha.

Suits?! More than one outfit? Why?!

Well, first of all, I'm the kinda girl who will jump at any opportunity for an outfit change. I love experimenting with different looks and making slight or major adjustments to shake up or tone down a look to suit the occasion. Secondly, my birthday is on the 25th December, what better reason? Thirdly, another pic for the gram (I know I'm not the only one).

My husband and I spent Christmas in Nottingham this year which came with 3 different outfit opportunities.

Outfit 1 - Christmas Lunch

As we were away from home, we booked to have Christmas lunch at Bistrot Pierre. I decided that rather than spending money on something new, I would formulate an outfit with what I already had in my wardrobes. I found a gorgeous, sparkly, pink pencil skirt from Miss Selfridge that I had bought a couple of years ago for a work Christmas do and had not worn since. Inspired by one of Holly Willoughby's looks (as usual), I decided to dress it down with a plain pink knitted jumper from Uniqlo. I wanted to dress it down because the outfit was going to be worn during the day and I didn't want to be gobbling up pigs in blankets looking like I was waiting for my next jägerbomb. In terms of shoes, I wanted to wear heels, mainly because I wanted them to lift my bum so that my skirt didn't feel so tight (post marriage weight gain is still a thing), but also because they looked smarter, which is what I was going for. Now, because we were walking through the city centre to reach the restaurant, I opted for a small block heel for comfort and to minimise chances of me falling over, these ones are a couple of years old and were from Asos. By way of accessories, everything had been bought a few years ago, I wore some old, glitzy studs from H&M and a plain nude clutch from F&F. My coat was the only 'new' item, bought early December from Primark at £40.

Outfit 2 - Birthday Time

Once we returned to our apartment after Christmas lunch, it was time for me to open my birthday gifts and blow out my candles. As we were just chilling in the apartment, I decided to go for something cool, casual and comfortable. I slipped into a striped culotte jumpsuit and popped a long sleeved top underneath to keep me warm. I picked this jumpsuit up from a super cool and affordable brand called Goldie London at London Fashion Week Festival. It was a very reasonable £35 and is the most comfortable jumpsuit that I own. Other than a minimalist chain from Matalan, I didn't wear any accessories as I wanted to keep it casual, but you could easily dress this jumpsuit up with statement earrings and a polo neck underneath. Check out my Instagram Styling Session Highlight to see another 7 different ways of styling this jumpsuit.

Outfit 3 - Lounging About

My last look on Christmas Day was my favourite as it was the most comfortable. Once I decided that it was time to remove my make up (fave time of the day - genuinely on par with bra removal), it was time to cosy up in this loungewear set from Primark (top and trousers sold separately at £8 each). A well-known fact about me is that I live in my pyjamas, the first thing I do whenever I get home is get straight into my pyjamas and dressing gown. I will never ever wear 'proper' clothes at home unless someone is coming over so, in an attempt to look and feel less lazy around the house I decided to invest in a loungewear set that was as comfortable as pyjamas but almost as 'proper' as joggers and a jumper. What attracted me to this particular set was that the trousers were wide leg meaning no tight cuffs at the bottom which always make me feel trapped and these trousers have pockets! Primark had loads of loungewear sets available so I'd definitely recommend popping in to have a browse. [Apologies for the horrendous quality of photograph]

Which was your favourite outfit and why? Does anybody else live in PJs?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to follow my Instagram for more style inspo.

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