Style Power Hour


For Existing Clients Only.

A scheduled Zoom call to talk through any personal Style Struggles you might be having or to ask for any style advice that you might need.

What's included in the session:

  • Personalised advice based on whatever your struggle is.

  • Advice tailored to your shape, personality and lifestyle.

  • A friendly face to chat through things with.

Examples of Style Struggles you may wish to discuss:

  • Which outfit shall I wear to...?

  • How can I style this...?

  • Does this suit me?

  • Shall I buy this?

  • Can you help me to put an outfit together from my wardrobe for...?

Comfortable Clothing

Options Available:

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


Style Session Love

Sabrina is such a kind person who addressed every single one of my concerns around styling and really helped me feel confident with the items of clothes that I already had in my wardrobe.

I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who feels like they are in a bit of a style rut and just needs a friendly face there ready to empower them :)

Thank you so much!

Charanpreet Atti

I recently went through a Style Assessment with Sabrina, this required Sabrina to ask me a series of questions so she can begin to understand my style and body shape.


It was such a fantastic experience, I learnt so much about my fashion taste and how to dress my body to get the most out of my figure.


Sabrina is a true gem, she made me feel comfortable and confident. This service is definitely money well spent, I used the techniques I learnt of Sabrina every day and can honestly say this type of ‘self care’ has changed me for the better. Thank you Sabrina.

Simron Kaur

Thanks Sabrina. I really enjoyed our time together and I got so much out of it.


I've made some purchases and I'll send pictures! I even bought a proper full-length mirror so I can see myself properly for the first time in years.


Brilliant session.


Loved it and would thoroughly recommend.

Samantha Coxhead