Style Session


An uplifting and informative one-to-one learning session where we identify your body shape and style personality, then discuss and demonstrate how to dress for them both using items from your existing wardrobe. You will be left with a long-term understanding of which cuts, shapes and patterns work best for you and you'll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

What's included in the session:

  • Friendly chat to understand your relationship with your wardrobe

  • Body Shape Analysis

  • Style Personality Analysis

  • Advice on flattering cuts, shapes and fabrics for your shape.

  • Advice on how to style colours and patterns that express your personality for your shape.

  • Demonstration of how to style up to 3 'tricky' pieces from your wardrobe

  • Personalised Style Report

  • Access to relevant Pinterest boards for future outfit inspiration!


  • Knowing exactly which styles of clothing, shoes and accessories suit different parts of your body.

  • Improvements to your self-confidence and self-image.

  • Healthier shopping habits, saving time, money AND the environment by knowing exactly what to look for.

  • Ability to create new updated looks using your existing wardrobe.

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2 hour session

Available In Person* and Online.

*In Person is available in West Midlands, UK only. Subject to Government Guidelines.

Style Session Love

Sabrina is such a kind person who addressed every single one of my concerns around styling and really helped me feel confident with the items of clothes that I already had in my wardrobe.

I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who feels like they are in a bit of a style rut and just needs a friendly face there ready to empower them :)

Thank you so much!

Charanpreet Atti

I recently went through a Style Assessment with Sabrina, this required Sabrina to ask me a series of questions so she can begin to understand my style and body shape.


It was such a fantastic experience, I learnt so much about my fashion taste and how to dress my body to get the most out of my figure.


Sabrina is a true gem, she made me feel comfortable and confident. This service is definitely money well spent, I used the techniques I learnt of Sabrina every day and can honestly say this type of ‘self care’ has changed me for the better. Thank you Sabrina.

Simron Kaur

Thanks Sabrina. I really enjoyed our time together and I got so much out of it.


I've made some purchases and I'll send pictures! I even bought a proper full-length mirror so I can see myself properly for the first time in years.


Brilliant session.


Loved it and would thoroughly recommend.

Samantha Coxhead