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Genuine Inner & Outer Confidence for Everyday Women

A 12 week guided coaching programme designed to help you to finally dress, feel and live like the woman that you want to be.

Programme Start Date: September 2022

Designed, created and hosted by Qualified Stylist & Teacher, Sabrina Cheema.


Do you...

❌ Dread going out or being invited anywhere for fear of having to find something to wear?

❌ Feel clueless on how to dress for your new body?

❌ Believe that you don't look good in anything anymore?

❌ Struggle to know where to shop and what size to buy?

❌ Have a wardrobe full of stuff that you can't/don't want to wear?

❌ Hold yourself back from opportunities because you feel inadequate in your appearance?

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that you don't deserve to feel like this. You're a powerful, resilient woman with so much to give. You deserve to walk with your shoulders back, head held high, unafraid and unapologetic. You deserve to live and be free.



Imagine walking over to your wardrobe in the morning, slowly opening the doors and realising that you have the option and freedom to wear absolutely anything from it, because it all fits, it all flatters your shape, it doesn't bring any attention to the parts that you feel a little conscious of, it all oozes your personality and it all goes together super stylishly.

Now imagine going shopping. You stroll into the shop and can instantly tell the difference between a pretty top and a top that's going to accentuate your curves, nip your waist and will go perfectly with your jeans, smart trousers and the new midi skirt you bought last week.

Finally, imagine this. It's a nice, warm Saturday afternoon and you're out with your friends. You're standing tall, smiling, laughing with a drink in your hand and you finally feel like you look like you belong in this group of beautiful women, because when you got up this morning, you didn't avoid the mirror and you didn't say anything horrible about yourself, you looked directly at your reflection and smiled at how beautiful you are because you genuinely believe that you are a sexy, worthy woman.

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The S.E.L.F Programme is a 12 week guided coaching programme with both group and one-to-one sessions, designed to help you gain full clarity on your personal style, learn how to create stylish outfits to suit your shape, build your inner and outer confidence and create a self-love lifestyle that can support your mental & emotional health.

Designed, created and hosted by Sabrina Cheema, a Qualified Personal Stylist & Teacher and a self-care advocate, who has not only been there herself, but has also helped hundreds of women just like you.


MODULE ONE - Who Is She?

This first module is all about finding out who you are, we'll work together on identifying all of the things needed to build your ideal wardrobe and confidence. In your one-to-one Style Consultation, we'll identify your body shape, style aesthetic , priorities when dressing for your lifestyle and we'll discuss your relationship with your body and wardrobe. Women usually miss this step and dive straight into shopping but that's where the mass of returns come in. We'll avoid this by having a super clear picture of who you are, who you want to be and the group Hypnotherapy Workshop will help you work on any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself.

MODULE TWO - Out With The Old

Now that we know who you are, we can start to filter through your current wardrobe to remove any past versions. This second module is about aligning your environment and habits to the woman you want and deserve to be. No more 'that'll do', lots more 'this is what I want'. Your one-to-one Wardrobe Edit will see us remove items that don't work for your new body, style or lifestyle, whilst styling and creating looks out of the ones that still do, we'll also be making a list of any gaps that come up to feed into Module 3. You'll also get to enjoy a workshop with a Fitness & Nutrition expert who can help all of us get into the habit of living a healthier lifestyle.

MODULE THREE - In With The New

Module three is all about renewal. We'll be filling any gaps in your wardrobe, putting all that you've learned into practice and making any finishing touches to ensure that you are fully aligned with the woman that you want to be. You'll even  get the opportunity to learn about the ideal Make Up & Hair styles to finish off and compliment your style as well as getting your own Outfit Lookbook with ideas on how to style the contents of your wardrobe. The self-love and empowerment tasks in this module will centre around how to maintain your new beliefs and avoid slipping back into old limiting ones.




  • Understand your body shape is so you can style your outfits to highlight your 'best bits' and camouflage the parts you're more conscious of.

  • Know what your primary and secondary Style Aesthetics are so you can express yourself authentically in your outfits without imitating others.

  • Have a wardrobe where everything fits, flatters and goes well with each other so that you're not wasting time looking for outfits in the morning.

  • Have personalised guides for your body, style and clothes so that you know exactly how to put your outfits together.

  • Know exactly which shops cater for your shape, size and budget so that you can save money and do less returns.

  • Be able to recognise limiting beliefs so that you can reframe them into positive ones.

  • Feel more positive about your body which will increase your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Speak kindly to yourself which will help to improve your self-image..

  • Have a bank of resources and self-help skills to improve your mindset and confidence.


This was Sarah's journey...


"After a recent life-changing event, I was feeling very depressed, fed up, I was eating too much, I wasn't feeling good in myself at all. I wanted some ideas for my wardrobe because I needed to revamp and reinvent myself to bring my personality back and I didn't know where to start, I felt like I had things but nothing to really wear out.


I told Sabrina that I wanted some help, but I was contemplating losing weight before investing. She told me not to worry about my size, and to start my journey because it would help me to feel the confidence that I needed. So I did it!

She was absolutely amazing, she's given me loads of ideas, tips and lifelong value. She's taught me how to make small changes to my wardrobe and habits so that I buy items that show off my shape (without highlighting my size). It's helped me phenomenally.

Just within a couple of weeks, I noticed huge changes across my life as a result of my new found confidence. For example, I had no intention of going to the gym when I first met Sabrina, but my clothes gave me the motivation. Even my career and relationships have improved"



  • One-to-one 2hr Style Consultation

  • 2 x Group Calls

  • Personalised Body Shape Guide

  • Personalised Style Aesthetic Guide

  • Hypnotherapy Workshop

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Weekly Self-Love & Empowerment Tasks

  • Reflection Tasks

  • Regular Feedback

Heading 1

4 weeks


  • One-to-one 5hr Wardrobe Edit

  • Done-With-You Shopping List

  • Personalised Styling Notes

  • 2 x Group Calls

  • Fitness & Nutrition Workshop

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Weekly Self-Love & Empowement Tasks

  • Reflection Tasks

  • Regular Feedback

Heading 1

4 weeks


  • Midi Online Personal Shopping

  • One-to-one 90min Style Power Hour

  • 2 x Group Calls

  • Make Up & Hair Workshop

  • Personalised Outfit Lookbook

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Weekly Self-Love & Empowerment Tasks

  • Reflection Tasks

  • Regular Feedback

Heading 1

4 weeks

Join the Waitlist today and you'll get these extra


Lifetime Access to 3 x Style Workshops
Value £60

Life gets busy and sometime we forget things, in these workshops I break down step-by-step each system I use to help my clients increase their confidence, detox their wardrobe AND shop successfully (in person and online!).  Each workshop includes  in-depth Video Content AND Handbooks that you can keep and refer back to ANY TIME.

Mini Online Personal

Value £50

Whenever you need a wardrobe refresh over the next 12 months, send your shopping list over to me and I'll do all of the hard work of scrolling and filtering for you whilst also considering your body shape, style aesthetic, lifestyle, budget and priorities. Valid for 12 months.

Outfit Lookbook

Value £75

Everyone wants to save time when it comes to packing and nobody wants to worry too hard about what to wear when they're away which is where the Holiday Outfit Lookbook comes in! Up to 20 items from your holiday wardrobe styled into day and night outfits that will flatter your shape and make use of your current wardrobe.  Valid for 12 months.

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www.sabrinacheema.co.uk (2).png


  • Hypnotherapy Workshop

  • Fitness & Nutrition Workshop

  • Make Up & Hair Workshop

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Weekly Self-Love & Empowerment Tasks



  • Lifetime Access to 3 x Style Workshops

  • Mini Online Personal Shopping

  • Holiday Outfit Lookbook

Value £75

Value £75

Value £75

Value £240

Value £250

Value £60

Value £50

Value £75

  • One-to-One 2 hour Style Consultation

  • One-to-One 5 hour Wardrobe Edit

  • Done-with-you Shopping List

  • Personalised Styling Notes

  • Midi Online Personal Shopping

  • One-to-One 90min Style Power Hour

  • Outfit Lookbook

  • 6x Group Calls

  • Personalised Body Shape Guide

  • Personalised Style Aesthetic Guide

Value £100

Value £250

Value £50

Value £50

Value £120

Value £60

Value £75

Value £300

Value £60

Value £60

TOTAL VALUE   £2,025


- OR -




Here at SCPS we are so confident in the results that you’ll see if you implement what you learn, that you’re backed by a money-back guarantee.

If you’re on the fence, then we want to give you every confidence that The S.E.L.F Programme is worth it. All we ask from you is full participation, commitment and completion of all tasks, workshops and one-to-one sessions. If you can show that you've given the programme a good faith effort before deciding it's not right for you, we'll happily issue a 90% refund on full payments and a 75% refund on instalment payments within the first 28 days of the programme beginning.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and SO much to gain.

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  • Discount codes

  • Hypnosis recording

  • Confidence Cards

  • Outfit Organiser

  • Self-Care planner

  • Holiday Packing List

  • ​End of Programme Celebration


Additional FREEBIES
included in the programme:



1. How does this Programme differ from your other services?

Whilst this Programme does include all of my one-to-one Styling Services, it offers a more holistic approach to confidence-building. In this programme, we take a deeper look at limiting beliefs and habits that may be impacting your confidence negatively as well as style issues and we work on finding solutions for both. The Programme also has group elements which differs from the stand alone Styling Services, allowing you to connect and relate with others rather.

2. When does the next Programme start and how long is the waitlist open for?

The next programme is scheduled to begin in September 2022 and will last 12 weeks. Monday 5th September will be the date of the first group call. The waitlist for this programme will be open until 1st September, if any spaces become available, you will be contacted.

3. Do all of the sessions take place online?

All group sessions will take place online. One-to-one sessions can take place in person on request, but an additional travel charge will be applied depending on your location.

4. What will we do in the Group Calls?

The group calls are a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with like-minded women, share stories, struggles and successes and for me to impart information to you as a whole. In the group calls we will either be catching up, discussing our journey so far, it will act as an open forum for questions and we will also run our workshops in group calls. That being said, whilst it is encouraged, you will never be asked to speak or share anything if you don't want to.

5. How will I book in my one-to-one sessions?

At the beginning of each module, you will be sent a calendar with available slots, on a first come, first serve basis, you will book your slots via this calendar.

6. What is the time commitment required?

I completely understand that we're all busy women, which is why I've tried to streamline the modules as much as possible with independent tasks that can be done in your own time. However, the Programme is purposely made to be highly actionable in order for you to get the results in the 12 weeks, therefore, the following time commitments will be required:

  • 1-2hours a week for independent tasks or group calls*

  • 1 hour per month for workshops*

  • 2 hour booking - Style Consultation

  • 5 hour booking - Wardrobe Edit

  • Approx. 2 hours for Online Shopping

  • 90min booking - Style Power Hour

*All workshops and group calls will be recorded and available in a private members area for those unable to attend.

7. I'm on a weight loss journey, should I still sign up?

This is a very personal decision and it very much depends on your individual journey. If you're on a very clear track of consistent weight loss, I would recommend waiting until you're at your stable weight before you make any investment in the Programme. If your weight loss journey is more of an ongoing thing in your life that is proving very difficult to maintain, preventing you from dressing your best or looking at your reflection, I'd encourage you to be extremely honest with yourself and ask yourself how much longer you're prepared to punish yourself for gaining weight and whether it's worth delaying feeling good any longer. It's also worth noting that a lot of clients feel so good about themselves after Styling Sessions that they're motivated to make healthier life choices elsewhere which, if it's an issues, can include weight loss.

8. I have a history of body dysmorphia and/or disordered eating, is this for me?

Body dysmorphia, eating disorders and other related mental health conditions are extremely complex and require the support of trained healthcare professionals, therefore, if you're struggling or still recovering from any of these conditions, please see your healthcare provider. This Programme, unfortunately, isn't for you.

9. Do I need a significant budget for the shopping element in Module 3?

Not at all! The Programme is designed to show you how to shop more mindfully and with purpose, which means you won't necessarily be buying a lot and certainly not anything that you don't need - and even then, I'll be looking at shops that match with your budget. It's also important to note that there's no obligation to purchase anything at all if you don't want to - you can simply use the experience to see which shops and styles I source and then you can purchase them in your own time.

10. If I sign up with the payment plan when will my 3 payments be due?

You will pay your first instalment today to confirm your booking then your following instalments will be requested via invoice once during the first month of the programme (September 2022) and the other in the second month of the programme (October 2022). The payment due date will be specified on the invoice but will be within the last week of September and October.

11. Where can I go if I need to ask anything else?

If you have a question that I haven't already addressed here, please feel free to contact me at sabrinacheemastylist@gmail.com