For the girls who have lots of clothes but nothing to wear, struggle to put outfits together, are embarking on a new stage of life or just generally feel disheartened when they open their wardrobe.


An opportunity to transform your wardrobe into the most effective and wearable collection of clothes and accessories to suit your body, personality and lifestyle. We do this together by identifying which items already work and saying bye to those that don't. I will then share some ideas on how you can style your current clothes and accessories.

What's included in the experience:

  • Initial Consultation

  • Wardrobe Edit - identifying items that work for your body shape, style personality and lifestyle and removing those that don't.

  • Styling ideas for the remaining contents of your wardrobe.

  • Organising your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle

  • Sustainable disposal of clothing

  • Post-Edit Shopping List


  • Knowing exactly which styles of clothing, shoes and accessories suit different parts of your body and personality.

  • Learning how to style your current items differently and effectively.

  • Knowing and actually wearing everything that's in your wardrobe.

  • Feeling good knowing that EVERYTHING in there fits and flatters.

  • Massively improving your self-confidence and self-image by seeing yourself in a different light.

  • Saving time and energy when getting dressed but still looking stylish,

  • Not feeling as if you constantly need to buy something new.

  • Knowing precisely what you actually do need to buy to make the most of your current clothes.

  • Possibly earning money from your unwanted clothes.

Mini-Edit for smaller sections of your wardrobe (e.g. holiday, work) also available on request



4 hour session*

Available In Person** and Online.

25% deposit required at checkout to confirm booking, remaining balance to be paid

at least 24 hours before the session.

*Additional half hourly cost will apply after this time.

**West Midlands, UK only. Subject to Government Guidelines.

Wardrobe Edit Love

I learnt about my body shape, the type of clothes that would flatter me, I was really amazed at how much little changes to how you wear things can make you see your body in a completely different light.

Sabrina knows exactly what she is talking about and her fashion tips are just simple things, no need to spend fortunes on making yourself look amazing.

Thanks Sabrina

Nina Mattu

Thank you so much.


I have genuinely benefitted so much from your [Wardrobe Edit] service and really can't wait to tell others how amazing it was!

I never would have thought I could mix my Eastern and Western clothes and I never realised how much I could do with the clothes that I already have.

Bushra Hussain

Sabrina was so professional yet so approachable throughout the entire experience. From the initial consultation where I felt like I was talking openly to a friend through to the actual session where we swiftly and effectively worked through my stuff.

She included me in the process which I didn't expect and that made me feel a lot more at ease. She literally turned my wardrobe into a place that I want to spend time in.

I no longer think I have nothing to wear and I've started to 'shop my own wardrobe' rather than buying lots of pieces that I only wear once.

Sofia Uppal