I’m Sabrina. I’m a Personal Stylist based in the West Midlands. I love eating, mindfulness and of course, fashion!


For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with the fashion world. Growing up, as an avid reader of ‘Sugar’ magazine and with a super stylish Mum, I was always the go-to girl for fashion and style advice. I started blogging my daily outfits in 2012 whilst at university, and got featured in the university magazine, which I was unbelievably proud of!


After leaving university, my relationship with fashion became less of a priority amidst the stress of starting my teaching career and planning an Indian wedding, but the intensity of these two things reminded me more than ever that I needed a creative outlet, so I started writing about fashion on my blog and I got back into the swing of outfit pictures for the gram.


This gave me the push I needed to retrain as Personal Stylist with the London College of Style. Combining my passion with my purpose of helping others has been truly incredible. I love being able to empower women through fashion by helping them to rediscover or redefine their style, shop smartly and ultimately increase their everyday confidence.


I’m a normal woman, like you, I understand the pressure of looking and feeling good when that’s not always the case, trying to keep up with trends without burning a hole in your purse and knowing what suits you when you’re feeling blah. But my aim is to help you realise and see how gorgeous you are because I truly believe that every single person deserves to feel damn good about themselves when they get dressed in the morning and then thrive throughout their day as a result. Gone are the days when Personal Styling was reserved for the rich and famous, I’m here now.

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"Thank you for today. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about my body and figure. I felt listened to and so comfortable."