Body Shape Guide


A fully personalised and downloadable guide to suit your body shape - the ultimate tool to skyrocket your confidence. Once you have submitted your questionnaire, your stylist will curate an extensive, detailed guide of how to style an array of items and accessories in the most flattering way to compliment your body shape, taking any specific hang-ups or requirements into consideration.

What's included in the experience:

  • Questionnaire Consultation.

  • Extensive list of items and how they should be styled to work for your individual shape.

  • Specific style tips for your shape.

  • Advice on fabrics, cuts and styles that are best.

  • Advice on necklines, sleeve lengths, trouser rises & much more.

  • Knowledge of what to avoid.

  • Images of different styles for clarity.

  • Optional 1 hour videocall with your Stylist.


  • Knowing exactly which styles of clothing, shoes and accessories suit different parts of your body and why - without taking them off the hanger.

  • Learning how to style your current items differently and effectively.

  • Increased likelihood of wearing more of your wardrobe.

  • Shop like a stylist and save time trying on items that won't work or need returning.

  • Improved self-confidence and self-image.

  • Stress-free getting ready process, saving time and energy but still looking stylish.

  • Having your own Personal Stylist in your pocket.

  • Lifetime of advice even if your size or lifestyle changes.

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Body Shape Guide


Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire. Your guide will arrive in your inbox within 7-10 days after submitting your questionnaire.


Body Shape Guide

+ 1hr Videocall

Upon booking, you will choose a date and time for your videocall. Your guide will arrive in your inbox within 7-10 days after your videocall.