Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Stylist?

Generally, a Personal Stylist is somebody who helps an individual understand which clothing styles and fashion trends will suit their body shape, style personality and lifestyle. I do so with a particular focus on increasing confidence, improving self-esteem and promoting self-care because for me, it is paramount that women make themselves a priority in life.

Will I need to spend a lot on clothes?

Not at all! I am a firm beleiver in only buying what you need (or desperately want!) and spending within your means. During your consultation we will chat openly and honestly about where you like to shop and what your budget is and we will work within that whether it be High Street or High End. Within our session(s), I will only ever make suggestions, you are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase anything unless you want to.

Will a Wardrobe Edit mean throwing away all of my clothes?

No way! I usually advise you to identify clothes that you struggle with, don't fit well or are in bad repair and we work through these items together to see if they can be worn differently, adjusted in some way or fixed. If they are not salvageable and you are happy to say goodbye to them, only then will we find them a new home.

Will I have to strip off?

No, your comfort is a priority therefore any time that you are changing your clothes, there will be a private changing space available. If we are working within your home, you can decide how this looks.

What age range do you work with?

My one-to-one services (Style Assessment, Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping) are available to individuals that are 18 or over. Style Parties are available to individuals that are 16 and over. Style Talks in schools can be held for Year 9 and above. Wardrobe Tidy can be conducted for any age range but must be booked by an adult over the age of 18.

I would love to book your services for my Asian wardrobe, is that something you offer?

Yes! Being Indian, I have plenty of experience with Asian fashion, knowing what is appropriate for different occasions as well as what suits your body shape and style personality.

I thought Stylists were just for celebrities...?

Not anymore. In fact, one of the reasons I opted to become a Personal Stylist (working with individuals) as opposed to a Fashion/Celebrity Stylist was to give everyday women access to the benefits of styling services.

Why should I hire a Personal Stylist?

Honestly, the benefits are endless, check out my blogpost to see the top 10 reasons why you should hire a Personal Stylist.

What safety measures have been put in place regarding Covid-19?

All services, except Personal Shopping, are successfully being run virtually to avoid any unneccessary mixing. This means that any In Person options are currently unavailable until further notice.

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