10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Body Confidence Instantly

When discussing body shape with my clients, I always start by asking, "What are your best assets?". And the most common response I get is, "Ermmm, I can tell you what I don't like?".

With World Mental Health Day just around the corner (10th Oct), I wanted to share some of my best advice to help you instantly feel more confident in your body whenever you're having one of those days. The reality is, being body confident is much easier said than done, we all know we should celebrate and be grateful for our body but it's a bloomin' task when we're constantly being encouraged to compare ourselves to celebrities, beauty ideals, filters and unsolicited comments and opinions. As a result, we unintentionally focus on the one or two things we aren't too confident with and they become all-encompassing, negatively impacting our mental health and self-esteem.

Well, no more! Here are my 10 Top Tips for Instant Body Confidence:

1. What's good?

Stand in front of the mirror - ideally in the buff or underwear - and from head to toe list the parts of your body that you like, love or are okay with. Include absolutely everything, eyelashes, fingernails, earlobes! Then take a look at the list and notice how much positive there is, try to focus on these bits going forward. Whenever you catch yourself picking on a part of your body, quickly remind yourself of how much of it you actually love. When you start focusing on all the good, the negative starts to diminish.


2. Make An Effort For You.

We're all familiar with that old cliche - 'Look good, feel good' - and after a years worth of loungewear and crazy hair, I think we'd probably all agree! Whether you're going out, staying in, seeing friends or just popping for a quick bite, make that bit of effort for YOU. Whether it's shaving your legs, painting your nails or just spritzing some perfume, you'll automatically start to feel more put together and confident in your skin.


3. Thank Your Body.

This might sound a bit woo woo but stick with me. Think about all of the incredible things your body has done for you leading up to this present moment. It might have helped you fight illness or disease, it might have helped you to perform your job better, it might have even enabled you to create life. Say thank you for each and every one of these things and watch your love for your body grow. By the end you'll want to hug yourself, please go ahead, your body deserves the love and recognition.


4. Change The Way You Speak About Your Body.

We're all guilty of it. Highlighting our 'bad bits', wishing we could change parts of us and generally speaking down to our body. But ask yourself, would you ever speak about a friend's body the same way in which you speak about your own? I can imagine the thought alone has made you gasp. Start speaking about your body like you would a friend's and you'll instantly feel boosted.


5. Surround Yourself With Your Own Beauty.

Start following influencers on social media that look like you, that have physical similarities. The more that you physically see their beauty, the more you will start to appreciate your own and hopefully, the negative comparisons will lessen.

You can find a list of my personal fave Insta accounts within the Free Resources here.


6. Accept Compliments Willingly.

This one makes me cringe just writing it because I am terrible at this!

Few of us are comfortable with compliments but it's so important to accept them gracefully because we bloody well deserve them. It's an act of kindness from another person who is recognising something about us that they think is rather lovely, so let's just smile and say thank you instead of going red and giving every reason under the sun as to why it's not true. If you want to go one step further, jot the compliment down later on and remind yourself of it when you're having a sh*tty day.


7. Body = Home.

Gently remind yourself that your body is your home. It holds your organs, your feelings, your experiences, your soul, literally everything that makes you who you are. And it's who you are, not what you look like, that keeps your friends close by. Just remember that in the end it doesn't really matter what your body looks like, its purpose and what it holds is worth so much more.


8. Read Empowering Affirmations and Inspirational Quotes.

Pick a card every morning and spend a few minutes reading it. Allow the words to penetrate your mind and soul until you truly believe them. Let that be your motivation for the day and watch how you naturally treat yourself and your body with more love.


9. Find Your Stylist.

Clothes are often a major culprit in making us feel down about our body. The nonsensical sizing, the lack of representation amongst models and mannequins and the fact that we're never actually ever taught how to dress for our shape or our own individual style makes getting dressed an actual minefield. Combat all of this by finding a Personal Stylist that you feel super comfortable with and use their services to help you to find clothes and underwear that will show off your favorite parts of your body and flatter your entire silhouette. Your confidence will be through the roof!


10. It's Okay To Not Be Okay.

Finally, remember that it's okay to not always love everything about yourself, it's okay (and very normal) to have days where you don't love the way you look. But on those days, do be kind to yourself, give yourself a little bit of extra lovin' and some well deserved TLC. Talk to a friend, slob out in front of the TV and start again tomorrow.


I hope you've enjoyed this read and taken away some useful nuggets to help you with your body confidence. For more tips and in-depth guidance on how to improve your overall style confidence, you can download the Confident Dressing Guide which is HALF PRICE when you apply the code 'MHMATTERS' at checkout this weekend ONLY.

All my love,

Sabrina xxx

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