15 Reasons Why I Love Being a Woman #IWD2019

What better way to honour International Women's Day than to celebrate all of the reasons why being a woman is THE best?! Below I have listed the top 15 reasons why I am exceptionally proud to be a woman.

1. We talk.

For me, this is the principal reason that I love being a woman. When amongst fellow empowering queens, women will delve into any topic without restraint. From heartache to toilet habits, you name it, we talk about it and as a person who deals with mild depression on a daily basis, this is incredibly valuable. It is actually medicine. The fact that only a small percentage of men openly discuss their problems is a subject extremely close to my heart, so it is definitely a habit that I would love to see us help our boys and men adopt.*

2. We have a wider choice of clothing.

Undeniably, we have a much wider choice of clothing, and this just gives me life. From dresses and jumpsuits to trousers and skirts. We even have range within those, skirts for example, mini, midi or maxi? Pleated, A-line or wrap? The selection is endless.

3. We pay less for clothes.

As a result of the previous reason, high street womenswear generally tends to be cheaper than menswear. Everyone likes to save money (or spend it on another top)!

4. We have periods.

Okay, so I don't think all of you will agree with me on this one, but just hear me out. Every single month we curl up into a ball, hold a water bottle tight, dose ourselves with pain relief, dress in black just in case we leak (at least I do), hate everyone and everything around us, suffer with sore boobs, backache, excruciating stomach cramps and much more, yet we continue to soldier through work, meetings, weddings, birthdays, nights out. And we do this for approx. 40 years. I am proud to be a part of a group of people who can do this. Also, I actually quite like having a period, I feel cleansed at the end of it, like a phoenix rising from the ashes ready to be a badass for another month!

5. We never forget.

"A woman never forgets", wise words from my beloved Chacha (paternal uncle). He was right. We remember everything, from birthdays and anniversaries to that time when you breathed offensively 5 years 4 months and 2 days ago. A very handy life skill for jobs, personal organisation and any time your significant other dares to argue with you.

6. We can use our hair and nails as accessories.

Of course, this one isn't limited to women (cue David Beckham) but we have more freedom to do so with less judgement. We can grow our hair long, have it short, tie it up, leave it down, curl it, straighten it, wear a headband and it can change the entire look of an outfit. Similarly, we can freely paint our nails to match our outfit or mood, we can get really creative with these things and it's just so much fun!

7. We are almost always underestimated.

I've only recently realised that this is an advantage and whilst I still find it unbearably tiresome and patronising, it actually means that everything we do is even more impressive than it already would have been had we not been underestimated. Works for self-esteem!

8. We are resilient.

Despite centuries of oppression in both society and at home, we have fought to have a voice and we have triumphed. Whilst there is still some way to go before we reach complete equality, we must remember that we have all been raised in a society where we are told that we can't quite do everything, yet we spend each day proving that we can.

9. We get individual cubicles in the toilets.

I mean, I know public toilets are generally quite gross but at least we get some privacy.

10. We can grow humans.

The female body has the ability to create life, to grow lungs, kidneys, a liver, a brain and a heart. That's pretty phenomenal.

11. We consider EVERYTHING.

We take every potential scenario into consideration. I can't quite decide if I believe that this is a result of nature or nurture; do we consider every person, problem and scenario because of our maternal instinct or is it because we have been taught that it is a woman's responsibility to put the needs of others before herself? Regardless, we do think about things from a gazillion different angles before making decisions (which is why we are ALWAYS right).

12. We get to experience the relief of bra removal.

If you know, you know. #bestpartoftheday #freethegirls

13. We can enhance our appearance with make-up.

Again this is not limited to women, but if we haven't slept well or if we have an unwelcome friend growing on our face, we can apply a bit of make-up to enhance what we have going on and cover up anything we don't want to have going on.

14. We are emotional hubs.

Women are extremely emotionally supportive. This may be a result of Reason #1, as we openly discuss our problems and listen to others' problems (again, a habit that we must share with our men*), we are better equipped and far more comfortable asking for help ourselves and supporting each other. Even if all we have to offer is a bottle of gin and a night on the tiles.

15. Multiple Orgasms.

Enough said.

Happy International Women's Day 2019!

I thoroughly hope that you have enjoyed reading all about the reasons why I love being a woman. I would love to hear your opinion on what you see as the benefits of being a woman! The more the merrier, just pop your comments below and join me in celebrating International Women's Day 2019!

*If you are a man, or know of a man who needs any kind of support please encourage them to speak to a loved one or to contact Andys Man Club, Samaritans or The Calm Zone.

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