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Reclaim Your Confidence

In a recent poll I held on my social media, an astonishing 84% of women said that Lockdown had knocked their confidence in one way or another.


Obviously, I couldn't sit back and let that be the case, so I have put together some super helpful events and resources to help you get your mojo back.

Scroll down to find out exactly how they can help...

  • LIVE Virtual Workshop

    Due to popular demand, I am running a second workshop all around Body Confidence! You need a hype woman and here I am! This 90 min virtual workshop will see me sharing my top Personal Stylist confidence tips to help you combat any negative feelings about weight change or physical appearance and remind you of how much of a boss you are!

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

    Join in with a FREE demonstration of Tapping with Aman Sunner, Self-Worth and Confidence Mentor, as she uses a completely bespoke script created for women battling confidence issues as a direct result of lockdown.

  • Join in on Socials...

    Share your images of yourselves in your Post-Lockdown looks and use the hashtag #SabrinaStyleSquad

    Become part of the community where we all take inspiration from one another!

  • Catch Up

    Catch up with my conversation with self-love advocate and creative fashionista @simmastyle where we discussed our own personal experiences with self-confidence. Everything from our lowest moments through to how we hype ourselves up now.

  • Free Resources

    I have collated a bunch of free resources including videos, songs and social media accounts that I have personally found helpful on my self-confidence journey. All items are linked, so once you've downloaded the doc below, just click on whatever catches your eye and it'll take you straight there!

  • Let's Chat

    Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to those around you about your confidence issues. Though they mean well, it can sometimes feel as if they're just brushing it off. If you feel you're in this position, leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

"The same light you see shining in others is shining within you too."

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