5 Cosy but Chic Working from Home Outfits

It's officially been almost seven months since working from home became the 'new normal'.

Sorry, I just need to pause for a second.

That's a bloody long time, isn't it?!

I mean, I'm not going to lie, at first my initial reaction was "YES! Loungewear and no bra!", but the novelty soon wore off. It's incredible how much our appearance can effect our mood, confidence and productivity. When life was 'normal', loungewear and pyjamas were a treat, it was nice to give ourselves that break from wearing fitted clothes and looking crisp, because those types of clothes serve the purpose of helping us to relax. But that's not what we need when we're working, what we need is to be alert and productive. Personally, after more than 2 consecutive days of slouching about in loungewear, I start to feel pretty shitty! I subconsciously avoid mirrors, I sit with a slouched back and I just feel gross. But I'm also at home, I don't want to wear restrictive smart clothing.

"So, please," I hear you say, "tell us what the solution is!"

Well, below I have put together 5 different looks (for the 5 days of the working week - you like what I did there?) that are not only chic, going to make you feel sassy and get you smashing those tasks to smithereens BUT are also cosy, so you feel warm and comfortable in your relaxed surroundings.

I've also added links below the images of the items because I'm basically a tech God.

Look 1 - Wide Leg Winner

Olive Wide Leg Trousers:

Chunky Square Hoops:

Beige Cardigan:

Beige Glitter Socks:

Look 2 - Midi Dress Mood

Knitted Blue Marl Midi Dress:

Pearl Belt:

Pearl Earrings:

Look 3 - Comfy Co-ord

Knit Jumper & Trousers Set:

Gold Chunky Earrings:

Brown Satin Scrunchie:

Look 4 - Jumpsuit Joy

Black Chunky-Knit Cardigan:

Gingham Jumpsuit:

Satin Ruffle Headband:

Look 5 - Timeless Tights

Smock Dress:

Long Necklace:


You don't always necessarily need a full outfit to make you feel more put-together, sometimes it just takes a bit of lipstick, a spritz of perfume or a new hair-do. The important thing is that you use your appearance to put yourself in the right mindset and make yourself feel good.

Lots of love, take care Squad,

Sabrina xxx

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