Why Hire a Personal Stylist?

There are many misconceptions regarding hiring a Personal Stylist, it’s often seen as a luxury service reserved only for the rich and famous, but hiring a Personal Stylist is much more than an assisted shopping trip or having someone sort through your wardrobe. It literally has the ability to change your life.

Here are 10 reasons why working with a personal stylist will be the best decision you ever made:

1. Save Money

Ironically, people often think that hiring a stylist will cause more damage to their wallet than if they didn’t and whilst I won’t doubt that initially it is an investment, over time it is guaranteed to save you money. Firstly, a stylist will never encourage you to buy anything new unless you genuinely need it. Instead, they’ll encourage you to shop your own wardrobe where they'll demonstrate different ways of wearing items, rediscover things that have fallen to the back or suggest different outfit combinations. Secondly, if you choose to go shopping with your stylist, they will teach you how to shop mindfully by considering if and how an item will integrate into your existing wardrobe and wisely for your body shape and personality. More money for wine and chocolate?

2. Improve Self-Esteem & Self-Image

For me, this is probably the most important benefit of hiring a stylist. The experience allows you to see yourself in an entirely different light. We are often our own harshest critic, finding ‘issues’ with ourselves that are non-existent to others. A stylist will actively demonstrate how beautiful your body is with simple adjustments to the way that you style your clothes, they will reveal parts of your body that you may have been overlooking for years. Hiding yourself under baggy, dark-coloured clothing will be a thing of the past because you will finally see yourself in a positive light…and trust me, you’ll want to flaunt it!

3. Save Time

Depending on the service that you book, hiring a stylist can save you time in a multitude of ways. With an organised, functional wardrobe and a personalised Outfit Lookbook, coming home to a bed covered in clothes will be a distant memory, as getting ready will simply consist of flicking through and choosing one of the many outfits already put together from your very own wardrobe. Similarly, one successful shopping trip with your stylist will save you time on numerous fruitless shopping trips alone as you’ll be covered for the entire season. And finally, for the online-shoppers who lose hours to endless webpages, your stylist can do it all for you and simply email you the links.

4. Understand Your Body & Style

Regardless of which styling service you choose, you will learn, to differing extents, how to flatter YOUR body and how to express YOUR style personality through your clothes. You will gain an understanding of which fabrics, cuts and shapes best flatter the different angles of your body as well as which colours, prints and brands suit different aspects of your personality, depending on what event you are dressing for. And all of the information that you gain will be relevant forever, as neither your body shape nor personality are likely to change drastically over time.

5. Reduce Stress

Hiring a stylist can take the stress out of ever getting ready again. Thinking of the perfect thing to wear, putting the outfit together and trying it all on beforehand can often be the bane of life, but having an organised, functional and flattering wardrobe and a personalised Outfit Lookbook will eliminate all of that stress and panic. Even the shopping experiences will be stress-free as your stylist will pre-select items in stores for you to try on, better still, if you opt for an online shopping session, you merely need to sit back and wait for those links to appear in your inbox. Stylists also recognise that the style and fashion world is extremely fast-paced and can be quite overwhelming, so we guide you through trends and seasonal updates specifically relevant for your body and personality.

6. Make Yourself the Priority

This is all about YOU! How long has it been since anybody has said that to you?!

You are successful in your career, you have a family to look after, you have endless house chores, you’re trying to eat right and you need to keep in touch with your friends. Life is busy and we often put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list, but whether we like it or not, it is essential that we take care of ourselves, and that’s exactly what a stylist will help you to do. A session with a stylist is an opportunity to look within, reflect and consider your needs, a chance to think about how you feel about yourself and how you want to feel about yourself. Consultations often end up being like therapy sessions because this is time invested in creating a happier you.

7. Build a Functional Wardrobe

Ever stood in front of your bursting wardrobe and said “I have nothing to wear”? This frustration usually comes from having a wardrobe full of pieces that no longer fit, no longer suit your style, were bought in a sale, because it looked good on someone else or it was a gift and you feel bad getting rid of it. But a wardrobe can only be functional when each item is essential and personally suited to its owner and it works cohesively together. Your stylist will provide this clarity by weeding out the items that don’t serve you anymore, demonstrating how to put existing items together for different occasions and identifying which essential items are missing. Imagine a closet with no duplicates, no unworn clothes with the tags still attached, and no overpriced, unnecessary pieces.

8. Increase Confidence and Productivity

According to scientific research, what we wear has an effect on our psychology, performance and general mental well-being. So, with everything in your wardrobe fitting, matching and looking great on you, you’ll feel more confident, and in turn you’ll be much more productive in your daily life, at work and home.

9. Talk to an Expert

If you have plumbing problems, you hire a plumber, right? So, I decided to hire a stylist” – a quote from an article I read recently that made me chuckle. Probably because it’s true but we don’t really think about it. Styling doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone (the same way cooking doesn’t come naturally to me). Stylists have not only been trained in this role but they have a natural, creative flair that enables them to see a plain blue blouse in three, four, or more outfits before you’ve even paid for it. We are brand aware, can talk to you about the correct fabrics, cuts and seams for your body and we have experience solving the problems that you’re facing.

10. Make a New Friend

Just like your hairdresser, your Personal Stylist often becomes your friend and confidant. Now that's a useful friend to have!

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